• My Sony Xperia X


    I have recently joined forces with Sony Xperia, and it was a relationship that I didn't even question. I have been using Sony products for over 15 years and they have never let me down, so adding the incredible Xperia Mobile device to my arsenal was a simple match.

    Having said that, the mobile market is incredibly large, and competition is tight, every manufacturer competing to be the best, pushing the limits of technology and thus the end consumer gets thrown into a deep end of choosing which device to choose. The popular question is "what camera does it have?" or they look at the build and size. 

    Well I can honestly say that my Sony is perfect in size, and the image quality has far exceeded what I expected, and to top that, the sound quality in the video absolutely blew me away. Being a professional in the film industry, I demand good visual alongside a good audio in my products, and my Sony Xperia X has not disappointed me.

    The Camera

    So this phone boasts a 23mp front camera, and a 13mp selfie camera, which is mighty impressive, especially with the full HD screen. The camera has Sony's signature G lens technology built in, which again excites me having worked with the G Series lenses that Sony offers for their professional camera range.
    So after receiving my phone, I went into the field to try out the camera and it outperformed my expectations. The device has a quick snap button on the side like a CyberShot camera which allows you to quickly open the camera and begin shooting. If you want more advanced settings, you can select Manual and adjust the shot to suit your needs, below are some examples of shots I took with my Sony Xperia X. 

    Over all, this phone fits my lifestyle perfectly, from the amazing design and simplicity of the device, to the incredible camera. I also love that I am able to upgrade my devices memory by throwing in my 64gb Sony Micro USB, and then never worry about running out of space.

    I totally recommend this device to anyone who wants a phone that is an all round working device, media, photos, videos, docs and simplicity.

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    1. The Sony Xperia X low light selfies aren't easy. But the Sony Xperia X was built for the challenge. The smartphone comes with a 13-Megapixel primary camera and 13-Megapixel front camera.


    2. Yeah you right, the selfie cam is definitely up for the challenge. I have experienced the low light trouble with the Xperia X, but nothing I wasnt able to work around and fix. But why do you mention that the Primary camera is 13mp, the Xperia X boasts a 23mp primary camera and 13mp front camera.


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