• DJI Phantom 4 Review

    DJI Phantom 4

    There is massive buzz around drones these days, which has led to manufacturers rushing to create their version of the best drone money can buy. There are so many choices these days, which brand do you go for, what drone has best value for money?

    Well of course, the first brand that comes to mind is DJI, after the success of the Phantom 1, every filming enthusiast and professional wanted that drone in their arsenal, which lead to incredible imagery and thus created more hype for the product. 4 generations later we are now presented with the Phantom 4, a world class, top of its field drone that offers all the bells and whistles.

    I recently purchased myself the Phantom and straight away put it to the test. After reading the manual very carefully and going through all the instructions, I put together the P4 and lift off, the drone was in the air, exactly as the manual said. When using the GPS assisted slow flight mode, the P4 was the simplest thing I have flown, from take off to landing.

    The DJI Phantom 4 also boasts that they are the smartest drone ever, with many other smart functions such as Follow Me, Tap To Fly, Visual Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance. Having said this, I am not a fan of any of these, as its hard to trust my drone to fly on its own and do what it wants, I have seen to many fail videos of these functions not working. But, the obstacle detection function is amazing, the drone will just not allow you to you fly into things, even in sport mode, hover up to a wall and try fly into it, well it aren’t going to happen.

    Over all, I find this drone incredible, and for me, the best part, is the sports mode, nothing like it. With the speeds I am able to get, I can chase cars, or do some insanely fast circular tracking shots around obstacles.

    I have been to do things with this drone that just amaze me, and more I fly, more brave I get trying crazy movements at high speeds and it just keep going. With me getting braver, I have put my drone in dangerous spots, which some ended up with crashing and some close calls, but the drone has kept going, and stills flies strong.

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